Daily Prompt: No Fair

Daily Prompt: No Fair.


When I was in South Africa, I felt something unfair for the first time. There was ‘Apartheid’ published in 1948. Although it does not really exist right now, discrimination still exists.

At school, there was only one black girl in my class. She was the only black in our grade. Friends in our class usually didn’t want to hang around with her but I didn’t recognize the reason because she was really kind and always nice to me. One day, I was with her and another boy. When she left somewhere else, the other friend said ‘She’s really black. She’s black as that tire over there. No one likes her.’ I was really shocked. People discriminate other people just because they have different skin colours. From this day, I started to think about ‘UNFAIR’.

Since black people were unable to have certain jobs, most of them are still in poverty and hunger even now there are limitations for them to get a job. Because they don’t have much money, black people live in different regions from white people. I guess this was the reason that the girl was the only black in our school. In sum, discriminating by person’s race is terribly unfair.